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Greetings and Welcome to my site.  I AM Teresa, Cocktail Concierge for the Awakened and your Spiritual Bartender, creator of BarTata® Home Bar Products, Glassware, and Spiritual Accessories. To find out more, click below…


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BarTata® | Home Bar Products, Glassware, and Accessories are sourced using the best materials from reputable manufacturers. BarTata® was created to showcase: practicality and efficiency in bar equipment and tools with an emphasizes on multi-purpose functionality; exquisite and unique Glassware designed by Tata TopShelf, and spiritual accessories.

Tata TopShelf LLC consciously serves our online community with integrity and passion, living in harmony with each other and our planet, while our use of resources with Mother Earth offers alternative ways by commissioning products that support artisans, their families, and indigenous ways, recycled product packaging, conscious shipping, and multi-purpose packaging, such as BarTata’s 4-piece Copper Finish Boston Cocktail Shaker Set packaged inside BarTata’s sturdy burlap tote bag.  To purchase this 4-piece Shaker Set or other products, check out my Amazon Store below:

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