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Welcome to the enchanting realm of Tata TopShelf! I AM Teresa, your mystical mixologist, Cocktail Concierge for the Awakened, and trusted Spiritual Bartender and guide, here to serve you a divine blend of libations and enlightenment. As the proud owner of Tata TopShelf LLC and the visionary behind BarTata | Home Bar Products, Glassware, and Spiritual Accessories, my mission is to elevate your drinking experience and elevate your spirit.


I am the proud creator of BarTata® Home Bar Products, a collection carefully designed to elevate your home bar experience. From exquisite glassware that enhances the aesthetics of your cocktails to spiritual accessories that add a touch of magic to your mixology rituals, BarTata® products are a blend of elegance and enlightenment.

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🥂 Discover the art of practicality with our handpicked home bar products and exquisite hand-blown glassware, all curated from local artisans across the globe. Elevate your home bar to an oasis of sophistication and versatility.

Tata TopShelf consciously serves our online community with integrity and passion, living in harmony with each other and our planet.  Our use of resources offers alternative and sustainable ways of preserving the planet including commissioning products that support local artisans, their families, and indigenous ways around the world; recycled material product packaging; and conscious shipping,

Tata TopShelf LLC is a women-owned certified small business owner, and Amazon Private Label Brand.  Check out my Amazon Store:

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Greetings Beloved Gods and Goddesses,

A warm and heartfelt welcome to the sacred social haven of Tata TopShelf, where spirituality intertwines seamlessly with the art of mixology.     As the guiding spirit behind Tata TopShelf, as well as the visionary creator of BarTata | Home Bar Products, Glassware, and Accessories, BarTata isn’t just a brand; it’s a sacred space where the divine meets the practical.

Are you ready to delve into the realms of BarTata’s must-have products?  Are you curious about exploring Conscious Cocktails, embracing alternatives to traditional spirits? Do you seek guidance on enhancing your ceremonial practices and elevating your spiritual journey?

If the answer is a resounding “yes,” then I invite you to subscribe to my socials, where the magic unfolds. Immerse yourself in the essence of BarTata and discover a world where every sip is a sacred ritual, and every gathering becomes a spiritual journey.

Embark on this divine adventure with me, and let’s raise our glasses to a higher state of consciousness.

Teresa, Your Spiritual Bartender and Guardian of the Awakened Libation

Thank you for joining us! 🍸🌟

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