Hello and Thank You for Stopping By.  I AM Teresa, Cocktail Concierge for the Awakened, your Spiritual Bartender, and owner of Tata TopShelf.  As an entrepreneur and creator of BarTata | Home Bar Products, Glassware and Accessories, I hope to bring you uniquely-designed glassware, practical and efficient home bar products, and spiritual accessories for All in the Universe.

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A little about me:  In 2015, I started my private bartending side hustle out of love I have for the craft. After retirement in 2020, I became a full time entrepreneur selling BARTATA products using the best material and sourced from reputable manufacturers.

BarTata®  was created and uniquely-designed to showcase elegant and exquisite styles, practicality, and efficiency in design tools focusing on multiple use.   At Tata TopShelf, it’s important to preserve Mother Gaia, wildlife, and the environment by using reusable, recycled product packaging that can be used for other multiple functions.

>>Such as my 4-piece Copper Finish Boston Shaker Set packed inside one of BarTata’s Tote Burlap bag.  The strong burlap tote bag can be used for grocery shopping, a purse, a picnic bag, or a carryall for fruits from the Farmer’s Market.

Well…that is my story. I hope you come to love BarTata products as much as I do. Please subscribe to be on my email mailing list for special discounts and updates on new products exclusively for BarTata family. I am working on a whole line of exquisitely designed bar products, stylish and elegant glassware, and multi-purpose use accessories in the coming months, so you should come back and check that out!


Teresa, Tata TopShelf


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  • VIP section at Desert Trip Music Festival in Coachella, California; featuring Bob Dylan, Paul McCarthy, The Rolling Stones, to name a few. Good times and hard work…it paid well in the end and made some great friends.
  • VIP section at the PGA tour hosted by the Silverado Resort and Spa, Napa, California.
  • Governor Newsom’s Pre-Party Fundraiser at the Governor’s Mansion, Sacramento, California.
  • Restaurants, bars, Art mixers, Sacramento, Bay Area, East Bay of San Francisco, California.
  • Corporate clients- VIP Suites, Sport stadium, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, San Francisco, West Sacramento.
  • Weddings, birthday parties, small and large cocktail parties, fundraisers, and churches (volunteer my services for church events.)