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from our Sponsors! Hello hello, Tata here! Happy Holidays. Thank you and Welcome to BarTata’s Blog. I’m sitting outside on my patio listening to my Frequency Therapy music playlist on Spotify and writing this blog. I wanted to dedicate this blog on write about products I think are worth mentioning.
Tata TopShelf presents BarTata’s latest Bar Product: The Moroccan Inspired Martini Glass is the latest in BarTata’s brand of premium bar tools and accessories. This beautiful handcrafted glass stands 8 inches holding 270 ml. Be the coolest host of the party sporting these Martini glasses. I love this Martini Moroccan Inspired Martini glass. Any cocktail drinker or home bar enthusiast needs at least 4 in their bar. A perfect gift for any social occasion. Perfect for Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hannakuh.
Tata TopShelf presents…BarTata’s Moroccan Inspired Martini Glass
I’m so excited about this beautiful Martini glass. The finishing design touches are still ongoing but this product will be hitting the market soon. I want to thank you so very much for stopping by and hanging out with me for a moment in your life. It is so important to find and to have a human connection (if only for a moment) in this digital universe. If you wanna hangout again, subscribe here to my blog and website. I will definitely be talking about more cool products and accessories. Leave me a message and LIKE my pages on Facebook and Instagram would mean the world to me. I also have a You Tube channel under Tata TopShelf. I don’t have a lot of videos but please subscribe for updates on future videos where I will showcase products and show you how to make a cocktail with the BarTata products.
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