I am Tata…this is my story___

I am Tata…this is my story___
Hello, my name is Teresa (otherwise known as Tata) and welcome to BarTata’s #1 Blog. A little about me: I began my entrepreneurial journey out of my passion for the craft given to me by my father, who was a Bartender in my early years of childhood. Growing up in local bars and restaurants that my father and mother worked at or were patrons, gave me a sense of being at home. I had wonderful memories of my dad (may he rest in peace) in a bar making drinks. So naturally I gravitated towards bartending out of pure love for the craft that my father instilled in me. You see, I’m a government analyst by day and by night, I am a Bartender for Hire… I have been a private bartender for years now and I love providing Spirits-tending services to my regular clients. I remember vividly when I was 10 years old when my father first showed me how to mix drinks for him and his friends. The laughter and smiles that came after serving them their drinks made me happy knowing that my drinks made them happy. My passion lead me to realize that I needed to do more for my clients and frankly to honor my father. I knew I wanted to provide more bar type services to my clients and to customers all over the world for that matter…that’s when BarTata was created. BarTata is my brand of high quality bar tools and accessories for the home bar enthusiast, professional bartenders, and private bartender for hire, designed by me, Tata Topshelf.
…So that’s my story. I hope you come to love my bar products as much as I do. Please subscribe for updates on new products. I am working on a whole line of cool, unique bar tools and accessories in the future months, so you will want to check that out.
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Tata for Now!!
Teresa, Tata TopShelf

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