new brand: BarTata | Premium Quality Bar Tools and Accessories is here!

new brand: BarTata | Premium Quality Bar Tools and Accessories is here!
Hello! Tata Here. Welcome to BarTata’s Blog! Thanks for stopping by…
So I happy to announce that I launch my second product on Amazon and I am so excited about the possibilities with this bar tool. It’s space saving, ec0-friendly product helps to save the planet by reducing the usage of plastic spoons and forks. Do you part people! every bit helps. Use this Spork for all your utensil needs.
“5-in-1 Spork: Stainless Steel Spoon Fork Knife Can Opener and Bottle Opener all in one.”
I remember vividly when I was 10 years old and my father first showed me how to mix drinks for him and his friends. The laughter and smiles that came after serving them their drinks brought me joy. My passion led me to realize that I needed to do more for my clients and frankly honor my father. I knew I wanted to provide more bar type services to my clients and to customers all over the world. That’s when I created BarTata.
Here at Tata Topshelf we have a select line of BarTata high quality bar tools and accessories for the home bar enthusiast and professional bartender, designed by me.
That’s my story all! I hope you come to love my products as much as I do. Please subscribe for updates on new products. I am working on a whole line of modern, unique bar tools and accessories in the future months, so be sure to stop by and take a look! SOLD EXCLUSIVELY ON AMAZON!!!
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Tata for now!
Teresa, Owner
Tata Topshelf

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