Quick Guide to Classic Bartending Techniques

We live in a world full of changes, progress, and novelty, but some classic things are worth doing in an old-fashioned way. After all, that is why they became a classic in the first place. The well-known famous Margaritas, Martinis, Manhattans, and many other cocktails will always be better prepared and served with the classic and aesthetic bartending approach.When you are bartending your home bar and dreaming of surprising your friends and family with their favorite drinks and cocktails, this ultimate quick bartending guide will provide you with the classic bar tips to help improve your cocktail crafting skills.

Shaking and Straining

You don’t have to be the best or most skilled mixology maestro to learn such classic bartending techniques as shaking and straining. Cocktail shakers are used to craft chilled drinks with such products as eggs, cream, syrups or fruit juices and are usually served “on the rocks”. The way you hold, move, and add ice to the shaker will determine the unique taste of your cocktail.

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Certain cocktails such as Daiquiri need a metal strainer that can be placed over the mouth of your cocktail shaker. Strained cocktails have different taste and texture as all of the solid ingredients and ice is eliminated by the strainer.

Stirring and Muddling

Stirring and muddling are another two interesting bartending techniques that require practice, dedication, and patience. While shaking is re

quired for fruity or creamy cocktails, stirring is usually used to create an all-spirits drink such as Martini or Manhattan. The technique of stirring requires the use of a special metal or glass rod or a bar spoon and usually takes 20-30 seconds for the ingredients to mix properly.

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Muddling is simply a way of crushing the ingredients such as fresh fruits, spices or herbs. This technique extracts most flavors, juices, and oils, and is carried out with the use of a bar spoon or a pestle. Cocktails like classic Mojito or Whiskey Smash will be best done with the muddling technique.

Layering and Blending

Layering or floating technique is used for cocktails that require separate layers of liqueurs or cream to be poured into a glass without getting mixed. The key to proper layering is learning about the weight of each liqueur. Heavier substances will sink to the bottom while the lighter ones will stay at the top. If you want to create layers, place the bar spoon against the inside of a glass and slowly pour the liqueur down the stem. Voila, enjoy your layered drink!

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There are a few cocktails that require an electric blender to be used, usually drinks with fruits and other solid ingredients. Use your blender when striving for a cocktail with a smooth velvety texture, such as daiquiris.

Decorating and Garnishes

After you have created the perfect classic cocktail, it is essential to choose the right glass for it. Certain types of alcoholic beverages require the proper type of glass to be served in. This will not only enhance your drinking experience but will also determine if your drink is subjected to a correct airflow rate. Tata TopShelf has a variety of BarTata premium bar products, glassware, and accessories that will greatly intensify and help with your bartending adventure. Check out its latest bar product: unique stemless wine glasses that come in four different sparkling colors – blue, gold, purple, and pink (https://www.amazon.com/shops/tatatopshelf). There are never enough glasses when plunging yourself into the bartending world, and the accurately chosen piece of glassware will considerably contribute to your wholesome bartending experience.

Once you have found the perfect glassware, one of the ways to decorate your cocktail is a garnish. The garnish that you choose will add to the aftertaste and aroma of the cocktail.

A glass rimmed with salt or sugar is another way of decorating your drink. Take any citrus fruit and run it around the edge of a glass, then dip your glass in a saucer filled with salt or sugar. Make your cocktail special and eye-catching with these easy techniques. Most citrusy cocktails use a lime garnish unless composed of lemon juice, then a lemon wedge is best used.  I like to experiment with other spices like Tajin (which is a Mexican spicy mixture condiment consisting of chile powder, dehydrated lime powder, and salt) mix around the rim perfect for Jalapeno Margaritas.  It adds a little SPICE to your drink.  Enjoy!

Celebrating the Sweetness of the Craft.

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