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History of Chardonnay Wine

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that walked along the history lane for centuries and took part in shaping the world of innovation, technology, and fashion that we live in today. The intoxicating feeling, and smell of various wines caused people ages ago to start producing it. Numerous wine-making facilities that looked like large vessels hidden in the ground were found and prove the long and complex historical background of wine. We can see wine being mentioned in books and novels, drawn in famous paintings and shown in classical movies.

The wine industry has become so profitable, significant and massive in the 21st century that now there are companies that specialize and design unique corks, bottles, and boxes for different wine types. Wine tasting is a complicated process that requires professionally trained people with delicate senses and taste buds. There are even tests and sayings that can determine your type of personality according to the wine that you enjoy drinking.

One of the most popular wines is Chardonnay, famous for its high alcohol and low acidity levels. The noble Chardonnay vines grow in small and medium clusters with rounded leaves and yellowish-green berries, like that of Pinot Noir and often mistaken for it. It is the most popular vine variety as it is easy and profitable to cultivate and has a delicate oaky aroma that ranges from deep smoky to roasted almond. It is internationally used and known for its flattering smooth taste and lack of strong scent. Unlike other white wines, this noble grape’ wine is most often sealed and stored in brand new oak barrels which give it the unique light aroma and taste.

The Chardonnay wines vary in style from creamy white substance to light sparkling one. The most common flavors include baked apples, butter, vanilla, pineapple, starfruit, and other tropic fruits. Chardonnay wine is ideally complemented by different types of Brie-style cheeses and creates a charming and delicious mixture of tastes. Various seafood dishes such as oysters, fish, and lobsters go well with white wine like Chardonnay. As we have discovered, wine drinking is an interesting and intricate process with its philosophy and historical roots. The food that you eat while sipping your glass of wine is important but the glass that you are using to drink your wine matters just as much. Taking the wrong glass for your type of grape is one of the most common mistakes made when drinking wine. The glassware used for different types of wine varies in its style, size, and shape. There exists a wine glass for every type of wine and it enhances your drinking experience and makes it more accurate, elegant and formal.

The Chardonnay wine can be sipped from two types of glasses depending on whether it is oaked or unoaked. The oaked Chardonnay can be taken in the common and popular wine glass with a stem, but for the unoaked wine, a stemless glass.

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