Quick Guide to Classic Bartending Techniques

We live in a world full of changes, progress, and novelty, but some classic things are worth doing in an old-fashioned way. After all, that is why they became a classic in the
Mastering the Art of Crafting Classic Cocktails

Mastering the Art of Crafting Classic Cocktails

Tata in her bartending days of mixing the classic cocktails.

Whether you’re having friends over on a Friday night or you’re throwing an epic holiday party, knowing the basics of

And Now A Word…

from our Sponsors! Hello hello, Tata here! Happy Holidays. Thank you and Welcome to BarTata’s Blog. I’m sitting outside on my patio listening to my Frequency Therapy music

Watch Me Sip…Sip… My Chardonay..nay

History of Chardonnay Wine

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that walked along the history lane for centuries and took part in shaping the world of innovation,

Store the Whiskey!

The only thing better than buying a nice bottle of whiskey is buying two nice bottles of whiskey—one to drink now and one to lay down for a rainy day. As whiskey grows in

My Gateway Drink: The Lemon Drop

Recipe: 1 ½ oz. Vodka Citroen, ½ oz. Lemon Juice, ½ oz. Orange Liqueur, ½ oz. Simple Syrup, Sugar on Rim in Chilled Martini Glass   What’s not to love? When made well, the