You feeling Lucky? HAPPY St. Paddy’s Day

Today’s celebration will mostly likely be different than most years.  Many of you will stay home for the festives since most bars will be closed today.  But that shouldn’t stop you from trying out new Irish cocktails at home.

Getting drunk and rowdy while wearing green means it’s St. Patrick’s Day. If you’ve ever wondered why it is you both don and drink green on this holiday, it’s time for a quick history lesson.  St. Patrick was the most notable of Ireland’s saints, though he wasn’t Irish! Pirates kidnapped him from Great Britain at the age of 16 and made him a slave in Ireland. He eventually escaped and then devoted his life to becoming a cleric. Eventually, he became a bishop.  Highly-revered, St. Patrick was honored with this holiday on the anniversary of his death. Food and alcohol restrictions were lifted for the celebration which is why we salute this gentle soul. But as time marched on, we became more obsessed with the general traditions of Ireland rather than the man behind the holiday.  As far as green goes, it’s all about the shamrock and a symbol of luck. So, wear it, drink it, and enjoy with some classic Irish cocktails that will help you celebrate!  They’re magically delicious!!

– Shamrock Juice

The green hue is a total shock when you take your first sip and taste orange. This perfect party concoction will make your St. Patrick’s Day celebration even more fun. The Irish version of an Adios MF…It calls for a half-ounce each of gin, white tequila, light rum, and vodka followed by an ounce of blue curacao and 4 ounces of fresh orange juice. It looks best in a hurricane glass, which you’ll want to fill with ice to give it a good chill. Add cherries and an orange wheel for garnish!

– Irish Flag

Salute Ireland with the colors of the flag. This layered shot is easier to make than it looks. First, pour green crème de menthe 1/3 full into your shot glass. Next, add the same amount of Baileys Irish Cream, slowly pouring it in over the back of a spoon >>>BarTata’s Spork<<< is the perfect tool for the layering. Do the same thing with the final layer of Grand Marnier. Then sip it to get the layers one by one or slam it for a full-on effect!

– Irish Coffee

Wake up and liven up all in one with the Irish Coffee. All you need is a cup of good quality, strong, hot coffee and 1 ½ ounces of Irish whiskey. Whipped cream for garnish is ideal though if you’d prefer a sweeter version, add in ¾ ounce of Irish cream.

– Irish Hammer

For a shot that you don’t need to layer, the Irish Hammer really brings the party. Get out your BarTata’s 4 Piece Boston Cocktail Shaker Set and fill it with ice followed by 1 part each of Baileys, Jack Daniels, and Irish Mist. Shake it up and strain into your shot glasses for a taste of caramel and honey that balances out the whiskey beautifully.

– Irish Car Bomb

If you really want to get bombed on St. Patrick’s Day, you need to make the Irish Car Bomb. Set up your home bar or party station with a ¾ pint of Guinness stout. Get a half-shot of Baileys and a half-shot of Jameson ready. Once the foam settles on your beer, drop that shot glass into it completely and chug!

You can make these Irish cocktails and many more with the help of Tata TopShelf’s Premium Bar Products. You’ll find everything you need just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities though as always, we encourage you to drink responsibly!

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