The Emperor | Square-shaped Drinking Glass with Built In Cigar Rest


Here’s How You Can Drink Your Favorite Scotch, Enjoy Your Cuban Cigar & Look Great While Doing It!

Looking for a cigar accessory that will allow you to sip your favorite blended scotch and prevent your cigar from slipping?

Want to surprise your loved ones with a magnificent whiskey glass cigar holder?

Take Your Whiskey-Drinking & Cigar-Smoking Game To The Next Level With The BarTata Cigar Holder Glass!

When it comes to whiskey and cigar accessories, you cannot settle for impractical cigar holding glasses that look and feel cheap.

What you need is to complement your expensive single malt whisky and habano cigar with a unique accessory that will help you enjoy both at the same time and look as cool as 007.

Top 3 Reasons Why Cigar Aficionados Choose Our Cigar Holding Whiskey Glass:

✔️ It’s Practical: why clutter your study or bar with a cigar holder and a whiskey glass when you can cover all your needs with a single eye-catching double olf-fashioned glass with a built-in cigar holding rest?

✔️ It’s Stylish: upgrade your barware tools and glassware collection with our head-turning cigar rest glass, which will not only impress all your friend, but also make a statement on your bar or table.

✔️ It’s Bold & Innovative: think outside the box and unleash your inner creative side. Drinking your 12-year old scotch and smoking your hand-rolled Cuban cigar will never feel the same with our whiskey cigar glass.

And The Best Part?

If you are looking for a gift for the man who has everything, this is your lucky day.

Our handmade glass cigar holder will help every gentleman drink his favorite Whiskey or Old-Fashioned cocktail in style.

*Just remember that adding ice to your drink might cause condensation, so enjoy your whiskey neat!

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🥃 EVERY CIGAR AFICIONADO’S & WHISKEY LOVER’S DREAM: Now you don’t have to put down your aromatic maduro cigar in order to enjoy a sip of your Irish whiskey. The BarTata double old-fashioned whiskey cigar glass is here to make your life easier.

🥃 ENJOY YOUR SINGLE MALT SCOTCH OR JAPANESE WHISKY IN STYLE: Designed with sophisticated men in mind, our handmade, elegant cigar glass holder will allow you to drink your favorite Canadian, Rye or Tennessee whiskey like never before.

🥃 KEEP YOUR PRECIOUS CUBAN CIGAR FROM SLIPPING: Smoking your favorite habano, belicoso or corona cigar is a ritual. That is why our premium old-fashioned glass with cigar rest will allow you to hold your cigar safely in place.

🥃 HOLD BOTH YOUR BOURBON & CIGAR WITH ONE HAND: Enjoy a hand of poker or use your cell phone without any hassle thanks to our ergonomically-designed whiskey cigar glass holder, which will offer you maximum freedom.

🥃 SPOIL EVERY GENTLEMAN WITH A UNIQUE FATHER’S DAY GIFT: If you are looking for a special birthday, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or Christmas gift for your husband, boyfriend, father or grandfather, look no further than our glass.

Weight 2 oz